The Breeding Program at Riverrun & Galatean Collies

"Give to the world the best that you have, and the best will come back to you."

The Riverrun Breeding Goal …   It is the intention at Riverrun to breed the very best quality possible of Collies, not quantity.    First and foremost, when we do a breeding at Riverrun, it is with the intention to improve upon what we already have and we will be keeping one or more pups from the litter.. We are very excited as each new generation surpasses the one before.

At Riverrun, we are striving for genetically healthy, balanced and beautiful dogs.  Each breeding is carefully planned as we select the finest individuals of superior breed type to use in our next generation. With this practice of using only quality stud dogs from the very best of top bloodlines, we have been consistent with the overall "balance" of our collies which includes correct Collie type as defined by our collie standard, sound structure and outstanding movement, beauty and elegance.   We have also been consistent with the wonderful temperaments and intelligence in Riverrun puppies which makes them do so well in all venues - conformation, performance, therapy and service dogs. 

Health and temperament are top priorities in the Riverrun breeding program.  Our collies and puppies are raised in the home with lots of interaction with children, other dogs, cats, and lots of socialization.

As breeders of our beautiful and wonderful collies at Riverrun, we take pride in the puppies that we produce - A Riverrun Collie is sweet, loyal, loving, intelligent, self-assured, protective and proud - "Something to Live By".   

Your Search for the Right Collie Breeder …

If you are in search for a prospective collie puppy or adult, you will find that breeders differ in their prices, warranties, etc.  Responsible breeders should be screening for hereditary disorders and poor temperaments and eliminating these things from their lines.   In your search for a collie companion, my best advice is to speak with as many breeders as possible. In this way, you will come to recognize those individuals who are both educated and responsible, as well as intent upon finding the best possible home for their puppies.  A breeder should want to meet you and your family and should welcome your questions.   If a breeder offers to meet you somewhere besides their house, or ship you a collie without meeting your family, red flags should be raised.

Take your time finding your new addition.   Don't rush.  Prior to looking at litters, it is best, when possible, to visit with the breeder and meet his/her dogs. Since many breeders have several generations from a particular bloodline, meeting the mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt, uncle, etc. of the expected puppy will give one a good indication of what one may expect in terms of temperament and appearance of a puppy produced from these bloodlines. Additionally, although many breeders do not have the sire on the premises, most will have photographs, certification numbers and history of the sire readily available.

Please click on the link for a few of our Favorite Puppy Photos of past Riverrun litters.

Should you have questions or require further assistance, please feel free to Contact Us