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"Maya" from our Jenna x Luca litter with daughter Jillian.

"Maya" is now owned and loved by Katherine Nickel and her family of Massachusetts.

A lovely e-mail from the Nickel family...

Dear Mary,
A small update on little Maya.  She is doing beautifully.  The car ride went really well. (she seemed to actually enjoy the whole thing)  She learned yesterday in about an hour how to come to her name, walk on a leash, tell us when we wanted to go to the bathroom, what not to chew (ie our fingers).  We worked on crate training.  and as of right now, I'd say she's almost completely crate trained.  That's all in 36 hours.  She's just as kind and gentle, sweet tempered and calm as at your house.  She's not a nervous little thing.  WOW
She's been accompanied by Antonio Corelli's Concertos all day long today...a little culture goes a long way!!
Thank you again for such a wonderful being.  She is beautiful in so many ways.!!
With deep gratitude,


Mow the lawn  -  or play with puppies ???     It was a very easy decision :)